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Friday, January 05, 2007

Spam Musubi (and other Kau Kau)

Ah spam. Even though I grew up on OGG, we didn't eat much Spam. In fact, I think I've had more Spam Musubi in the past year than I ever had growing up. Why? Well, I was home last August for my dad's funeral and my sisters and step-mom and I surrounded ourselves with Spam Musubi (among other things) for comfort. We bought some and we made some. Then my (haole) husband* and I were on OGG in early December and so were his family. They had never been to Maui or anywhere in Hawaii. Kurt (my husband) felt it best to buy some Spam Musubi and Malasadas to indoctrinate them. So we did. Currently Kurt is addicted to malasadas. No kidding--hooked! His favorite so far are from Home Maid Bakery on Maui.

I digress....

When you Google-Images for "Spam Musubi" you get many many options! I love this very fancy pu-pu version:
(I found this image on this blog on this exact page.)

So if I didn't eat so much spam musubi, what did I have? Well, I liked regular musubi with ume surprise--my favorite. (I thought all riceball came with ume...) This was the only picture I could find in my 2 minutes search:

But my favorite snack, hands down:
MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm........say it with me!...........MANAPUA!

Of course, I haven't even gotten to shave ice, li hing mui, loco mocos or dried cuttlefish. Another time....for now you can see what others have to say about some of these things on wikipedia:
spam musubi
loco moco

* Full disclosure: I'm haole too, but local haole, brah.

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At 6:31 PM, Blogger JenC said...

I am TOTALLY making those round Spam Musubi!!! I love that!!

Li Hing Mango!!


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