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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Makawao Rodeo

When I tell people that I used to go to rodeos when I was growing up on Maui, they don't believe me. I have to then explain about cattle ranches and paniolos. Here's one:

(I got this photo from here.)

On the 4th of July (or weekend closest to it) we would go to the Makawao Parade and then the rodeo at the Oskie Rice Arena. Full disclosure time: Oskie Rice was my step-grandfather and a great guy. The stories he could tell!

Here is a picture from this year's Makawao Parade:
"At 80 years of age, Herman DeCoite (L) and Albert Fernandez are the senior members of the Maui Roping Club, which puts on the Makawao Rodeo." (picture and quote from Haleakala Times.)

By the way, if you know of a paniolo that you would like to nominate for the Paniolo Hall of Fame, you can sign up with the Hawaii Cattleman's Council.

Okay, more full disclosure: the president of the HCC is Jim Greenwell -- a cousin of mine. (Maui/Hawaii is some small, yeah?)

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At 10:06 PM, Blogger Sarah Auerswald said...

I used to go to the rodeo all the time! I loved it! I once rode Barrels at a Gymkana there. (spelling help?) I was probably 11 years old. If I find a photo I'll let you know...


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