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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Where did you go to Elementary School?

I went to Lihikai Elementary from January 1976 (third grade) to June 1979 (sixth grade). I rode the bus every day from Spreckelsville into Kahului and we would pick up kids along the way who went to Kahului Elementary. I was the blonde haole along with a few other blonde haoles who stuck out quite clearly at Lihikai. I didn't have too much trouble, I got along with everyone pretty well. At recess I played lots of games of chinese jump rope, marbles and milk caps. (Don't call them POGS or I'll know either a) how old you are (younger than me) or b) that you are a mainland haole...) I remember Shannah and Jocelyn and Michelle most of all. Oh and Francis, he was super cute in sixth grade.

In Sixth grade I was pleased to be chosen for a new program in advanced math and English. Mr. Takamori was our teacher and it was a small group, about six of us. Ryan, another good friend, was also in that class and we bonded over The Muppet Show. (I am cracking myself up with this post...) Mr. Takamori really stands out as one of my favorite teachers ever. (See a previous post.)

While Googling "Lihikai" I found this notice about the principal who was at Lihikai when I was, Mr. Murakami. He was recognized as a National Distinguished Principal by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Association of Elementary School Principals. Nice going Mr. Murakami!

Lihikai was a great school and I'm so glad I got to go there. Not only did I excel at academics, but I learned really important stuff like chinese jump rope and speaking pidgin.

I loved school and Lihikai fits right into my love of school. Wait until I get started about how much I loved high school!

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