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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kamuela Airport Delays

Remember when Hawaiin Airlines flew into the Kamuela airport? That was the 70's baby! Well, Kamuela can be quite foggy and often planes were diverted to Kona because they couldn't land in the fog. (This picture is the polar opposite of a foggy day in Kamuela.)

(This picture from here and used without permission. Sorry!)

Think of my delays on posting in February as just a thick fog and the flight is making its way to Kona.

(Okay, really, I have other writing deadlines that are of a higher priority at the moment and require my time and attention. OGG Online will be back soon!)

In the meantime, I still post the odd thing now and again at my other blogs:
Julias Bookshelf
Julia's Mexico City

Mahalo for all your visits and patience during this foggy interim!



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