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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Paddling Outrigger

I just turned 40 and last year was the first time I sat in and paddled an outrigger canoe. Sadly, but also with joy and celebration, it was to help scatter my father's ashes on the Big Island. My dad was a great swimmer and paddler. He paddled with Duke himself.

(That's my dad in the palaka shorts.)

If you live near the ocean, I bet there is an outrigger club not too far from you. Pacific Paddler Magazine's website has a listing of canoe clubs on the mainland and around the world. Check out their list here.

Try wait! TRY WAIT! I spoke too soon. I'm rushing to put a post up today and didn't read down their list far enough. I made the "ocean" assumption -- Check out the Hoewa'a Canoe Club in Dallas Texas! I love their logo:

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